Hair Care Treatment-Women

Hair Smoothening

Hair smoothening smoothens hair texture by applying gel and slight heat.that makes rough hair soft and easy to manage.

Hair Straightening

Hair straightening straightens curly / frizzy hair. Our services includes Hair straightening short, Hair straightening medium etc.

Hair Colouring

We offer a full-range of shades in every color category to appeal to your tastes, from the color shy to the fashion forward. Our service includes Global colouring short ,Global colouring long, Root Touch Up, Colour retouch etc.

Hair Cutting

Our extensive range of hair cutting services is ever expanding with new styles frequently added to the list. Our service includes Lazer hair cut, Short hair cut, Split end cut etc.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of hair. We provide Deep condition to the hair.

Hair Spa

Our service includes Scalp massage coconut, Scalp massage olive oil etc.

Hair Shampoo Wash

We provides best service with quality product which includes Hair wash with dry, Hair wash with blow dry etc.

Hair Henna

Hair is what makes your looks. Henna is a Herbal treatment for the hair. It has curative as well as conditioning abilities. Specially prepared henna is used in the treatment of falling hair and dandruff.