About us

Heaven Rose - Professional Unisex Salon

The Heaven Rose is founded by Mr. Mustafa Premi a well known Hair Expert who started the company in the year of 2005 with a vision to provide high-quality hair styling and beauty services to the people. Heaven Rose is one of the leading professional unisex beauty salon in Mangalore, India. The company currently operates more than 6 outlets.
We are a beauty salon located in Mangalore. To be pampered and treated in one of the best beauty salons in Mangalore. With a team of stylist, beauty therapist, and technicians that have been hand- picked and trained to the highest standard, this means the service that you receive from us will be friendly, personal, highly professional and consistently the best in hairdressing and beauty.
As we evolved and brought a whole spectrum of professional hair and skin care services under one roof, we are now a one stop destination for grooming and personal care. It made us a commercial success story with many brands trying to emulate us. Heaven Rose has achieved epic proportions with a loyal clientele.

Affordable Professional Services
with top quality support

Our Vision

Our vision is offering world-class services and products with affordable pricing has made it an industry leader. We are constantly expanding and capturing new territories.

Our Mission

Heaven Rose has created a dynamic and powerful image offering professional hair and skin services with procedures and products standardized to meet stringent quality control.